Why I Write About The Homosexual Agenda

I Just Want My Old Friends In Heaven With Me

This is becoming a very long letter, but one that I need to convey, so that you will know the truth of where I’m coming from. An internet friend wrote me voicing some concerns she had about my "Expose' " page.

I answered each of Her Questions and I wanted others to know the answers as well.

I want readers of my web page to, not only become educated of the homosexual agenda, but I also want them to know my heart. I hope this page will reveal that.

I used to be a "fag hag" (female who traveled in homosexual circles). I met a guy that I worked with, who was "married" to a man. We thought this was really cool at the time. You know, wanting to be politically correct (that was not a term back then) and everything. They were big Dallas (the TV show) fans and would have Dallas parties during the shows. That was our introduction into the homosexual community. They were very nice guys and we had a great time hanging around with them. They invited us to their hangouts, of which one was THE PLANTATION, a really hard type of bar; RENE’S, a bath house/bar for mainly the gay business man type; and a huge gay bar in Y’bor City outside Tampa called EL GOYA. It was really a neat place. Several rooms with a different "attitude" in each. One was country, one was biker(ish) one was a show room for transvestites. There was the Diana Ross (Brown Sugar), Cher, etc. impressionists. I really liked being there, because it wasn’t a meat market (at least not for women) like the bars we usually frequented. We could just go and have fun dancing and drinking without being bothered. I will say I had a problem with the women’s bathroom situation though. They were coed. It wasn’t stated as such, but whenever you would go into the bathroom, there’d always be men in there, and when you’d close the stall door, if they thought they could intimidate you (which some did) they would jump up over the doors and look down at you. It WAS very intimidating.

These two friends, and their friends, had relationships that allowed them to cruise other gay bars for men, as long as they didn’t bring them home. They wanted to convey to straight people that they were enjoying the "white-picket-fence" lifestyle, all the while frequently participating in anonymous sex with other men (Cruising is prevalent among gay men - as Bob Damron’s Address Book attests). This was disturbing to some of our gay friends. They would attempt to "go along" with their lovers request, but in the end it hurt too much and they’d quit the relationship. Those that wanted one partner, however, where the exception not the rule.

As the AIDS virus began spreading, and affecting people that we knew, we started seeing the pain that our friends were going through with their friends. Even then, I began questioning (myself) why they would continue to participate in a practice that would most likely end up killing them. Even if they were born that way (I no longer believe that they were - more on that later), me being a heterosexual, would stop having sex, if I thought it was going to kill me. Why wouldn’t they do the same?

Well, not too long after that, I became a Christian (read the Timmy letter). I was so elated about Jesus living IN me (it was like an all day high) that I was telling everybody about Him. Well that was the last thing my friends wanted to hear, so they started distancing themselves from me. They just got tired of hearing me talk about the new things that were happening in my life. I must say that one friend was intrigued (Lily), and would come to my office every Monday (I’d go to Bradenton every weekend to visit my sister to go to church with her - long way to go to church - HA!) to hear what happened the day before. Before I knew it SHE asked Jesus into her heart as well, and we began hanging out together, going to church (locally) together and going to all the Christian Rock concerts that came to town {{{my husband is in a Christian Rock band called Dominion - I'm 42 and still rockin - always gave me a great relationship with my boys - they’re now 20 and 21 - you can see them on the Family page - GREAT kids - preaching and practicing abstinence until marriage - one is engaged and will marry in about 1 ½ year (ish) - wonderful walk with the Lord in both of their lives - read the Everyone's Not Doing It page - I'm such a proud mom}}}. Man did I ever get off track with this letter……

Anyway, I eventually moved to Bradenton and because I was absorbing everything that I could get my hands on regarding social issues that were tearing our country apart, I was asked by a new friend who was a DJ on our local Christian Radio Station (WJIS) if I’d create a weekly 5 minute spot called A RADICAL CALL FOR ACTION. There was so much info that we never got from the mainstream (biased) media. This was the perfect venue. I did that for a few years and then they asked me to write for their monthly newspaper. I did that for a year and then began to write for a newspaper that was distributed in 400 churches on the southwest coast of Florida. I then became the president of the local chapter of The American Family Association (see The Case Against Disney page) and started a monthly newsletter called, "The AFA Expose’ ", and although I loved doing it all, it got to be quite a chore, while trying to work full time AND care for my family.

THEN I got pregnant (at 40) with my newest son Taylor (see Goodbye Taylor We Love You page). Near half term I began having complications so the doctor confined me to my couch. I was forced to give it all up…to delegate my duties to others - something I had never done before. If I saw something needed to be done, I would throw it out at the AFA meetings, and if nobody picked It up, I would do it. I was exhausted (you know they say, 10% of the church does 90% of the work).

So after I lost Taylor (we held him in our arms, at half term - perfect baby - lungs just didn’t have time to produce surfactant so it was like he was trying to blow up a NEW balloon every time he breathed - yet down the street they were aborting babies 4 weeks older than he was). Well that gave me a few months to realize that I LIKED it this way. Someone else (who was just as research oriented as I was) picked up the newspaper and ran with it, my VP took over AFA and it’s all been doing well ever since.

Now I just work, read, obsess over my piggy Hammy and do my web pages.

So now that you know why and how I got involved in all of this, let me address your concerns…..

I would like to take a few moments to discuss a fairly rough topic, if I may. I ventured around your website only to the extent of seeing you & your husband. I was given a direct URL to your gay page, though. I am not homosexual and do not condone that lifestyle, so I went there to read your essay.

It is so typical that they only want people to read the study, but not the letter to my friend who was dying of AIDS. If they REALLY wanted people to know how I felt in my heart, they’d allow them to get "the whole story". Much like today’s press, and I’ll touch on that shortly.

What I found kind of shocked me. The only *real* survey to EVER be conducted on homosexuality in this nation was done by Dr. Alfred Kinsey of the Kinsey Institute. I believe it was in the late fifties. Others have been done since then, but none are non-partisan groups. The magazines want the ratings! I found the stats to be unrealistic, and really, unfounded.

****First Kinsey. In 1946 he published 2 "studies" that eventually gave him the title of "Patron Saint of Sex", the giant on whose shoulders all sex researchers since have stood. They were called "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female". He used these studies to shape our attitudes about sexuality (especially promiscuity), homosexuality and pedophelia. He interviewed 5,300 men and 5,940 women, however, what he found disturbed him. Most Americans were modest and moral with their sexual behavior. Unhappy with the results, Kinsey told the public that they just thought they were moral and God-Fearing people, but they had really been cheating…. They were hypocrites. He offered as proof, the research he conducted on prison inmates, ex-cons, sex offenders, pedophiles and prostitutes.

In studying the men, he came to the conclusion that 10% of the American male population are homosexuals. This bogus report gave way to the popular notion that 10% of ALL Americans are gay (studies have since, in America and England, shown that the number is closer to 1 - 2%). Because of this, Health care officials severely overestimated the number of AIDS cases we would encounter, and then were forced to reduce the projections a number of times.

The women studied were determined to have had happier marriages if they had been sexually active OUTSIDE of their marriages. The marriage study consisted of any prostitutes that had lived with a man for a year.

The children category was by far the most revolting. 317 infants and children, between the ages of 2 months to 14 years, underwent testing, AROUND THE CLOCK, conducted by sex offenders, pedophiles and child abusers. The children were said to derive pleasure from this constant stimulation, although the reports stated that they were fainting, crying, convulsing, and tearing at their own bodies. Claiming that children were "sexual by nature", he advised sexual interaction with adults. He said, "sex between children and adults is not likely to do the child any appreciable harm if the child’s parents do not become disturbed."

And what has been the result of these studies? Hugh Hefner was one that bought Kinsey’s lies. He HAD been a religious man before he read the reports and decided that people were hypocrites and were lying about their sexual behavior. He then began to publish the magazine that started it all…..Playboy!

Our children’s sex Ed curriculum is filled with Kinsey thought and attitudes. The Project 10 program (based on the 10% lie) targets students who may be homosexual, and encourages them to speak out. It’s no wonder the HIV rate is climbing so rapidly among our teenagers.

At the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (a few years ago), an expert on sex offenders and sexual child abuse argued that pedophelia may be an "orientation", and not a perversion, and should have sexual rights.

The studies (and the subsequent mind change of America) have also resulted in the forced confiscation of our hard earned dollars, to go to the sickest "program" going, the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts). They use our money to pay "artists" to produce "art" like: Andre’ Serano’s tank of urine which included a submerged statue of Jesus Christ on the Cross; Holly Hughes’ play called "Lesbian Desire" for the purpose of advancing Lesbianism in America; Annie Sprinkle’s play which involved inviting the spirits of the ancient temple prostitutes into the theater, and having the audience come up and perform various lewd acts with her on stage, like shining a flashlight into her genitals; a gay publication called "Queer City" which included a poem called "Wild Thing", in which Jesus is depicted as a pedophile who performs a homosexual act on a 6 year old boy behind a church pulpit; and homoerotic "art" which included a man on all fours with a bullwhip stuck up his anus. Then there was the play that consisted of a group of homosexuals, slicing the back of another who had AIDS, wiping up his blood with a paper towel, and running the dripping towel over the heads of the audience on a clothes line, to show them what it’s like to live in fear of contacting the disease. That was, in my opinion, THE poster child for "let the market decide". If there is a market for it, then let them pay for it and stop forcing us to fund this material.

In addition, our schools are now in full swing of promoting the lifestyle as equitable with books such as, "Heather has Two Mommies", "Daddy’s Roommate", "Gloria Goes to Gay Pride", and "Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin", just to name a few. Recruitment, not tolerance, is clearly the motive. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) published a book a few years back called "Anti-Bias Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children". The purpose of the book was to dissolve the prejudices that children learn from their parents and society. Louise Sparks, who was predominant in promoting the book, told educators that they must take an "activist approach to challenging prejudice" and that it was "necessary for each individual to actively intervene, to challenge and counter the personal and institutional behaviors that perpetuate oppression". Prejudice, as defined by the curriculum, included racism, sexism, handicappism, and homophobia. It urged educators to teach that homosexuality was like being left handed, you’re born that way (more on that later).

At their convention in Denver a few years back (5, I believe) they conducted a gay and lesbian caucus for gay and lesbian early childhood educators, as well as various gay workshops. They wanted this curriculum to be made "mandatory" for all schools seeking NAEYC accreditation. In the section titled "Expanding Children’s Understanding of Gender Anatomy and Gender Identity", the purpose is to enable preschoolers to develop a "clear, healthy sex identity through understanding that their being a girl or boy depends on their anatomy, no on what they like to do". Accompanying this were photographs of children’s bodies that the children color in the body parts, and anatomically correct dolls for the children to play with. Educators are encouraged to read books to the children about different ways families are organized, including gay and lesbian families.

The organizers referred to people like me as "those who are motivated by fears and frustrations, and are so afraid of the unknown that they stand in the way of progress".

The Kinsey studies have been promulgated for 40 years now and is just now being exposed by a few people among which, the woman who started the expose’ - Judith Reisman. If you can, read her book "Kinsey, Sex & Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People".

****The "other" cases you refer to include the famed Dr. Simon LeVay, a professed homosexual. He maintained that his studies proved that gays were born that way because of the differences between the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men. After studying 35 dead men, he announced to the press (and they were only too happy to promote it) that a cluster of neurons (the hypothalamus) was twice as large within the heterosexual males as it was in homosexual males. The study had severe problems associated with it, among which was the fact that the sexual orientation of 16 "supposed" heterosexual men was never verified. LeVay called it "a distinct shortcoming of my study". In addition, his study was further complicated by the fact that the 16 (hopefully) heterosexual males died of AIDS. Also, LeVay’s results were inconsistent: Not all the presumed heterosexual men had larger brain node clusters than the homosexuals. 3 of the homosexuals had larger clusters. 6 of the 35 were in complete disagreement with his hypothesis. And lastly, since behavior can alter brain patterns, the size of the hypothalamus could just as easily have been the RESULT, rather than the cause.

Of course the press never came back to set the record straight after these discoveries were documented. No, that wouldn’t have served any legitimate purpose. Why confuse the public? Simon LeVay, has since left the lab and is now a homosexual activist, promoting homosexual causes. (I though that’s what he was doing before).

Another study was done by Dr. Michael Bailey of NW University and Dr. Richard Pillard of Boston University. They maintained that identical male twins, when one is homosexual, then the other is 3 times more likely to be gay as well. They argued that a 52% correlation for homosexuality between sets of identical male twins and 48% correlation between female identical twins points to a strong genetic cause. What they failed to point out (at the time) was that 1)the sample size was quite small, 2)the twins were recruited through homosexual-oriented publications, thus throwing the objectivity of the twins into question, 3)the fact that 48% of the identical twins were not homosexual indicates other factors must be involved. Dr. Bailey eventually admitted "There must be something in the environment to yield the discordant twins". In order for a study of this type to be legitimate, you would have to study twins separated at birth, and raised apart.

In scholarly circles, using religion as a reason for arguments is weak, because no one really knows. Opinions and "virtues" must be supported by facts which may be substantiated. No religious law can be substantiated (are we worthy?), so it is considered not only to be invalid, but also weak.

Again, I point to the "supported by facts" you refer to. Religion is a good basis to base Any discussion on, because without Religion, there is no reason to even prove one point over another (at least where these social issues are concerned). People want to deny that we are accountable to a Holy God that loves us, but hates sin. So they create a world in which God doesn’t exist, so they can (as the Satanic Bible states) "Do what thou wilt for that is the nature of man".

Your net result of the essay is one with which I strongly agree. Do not misunderstand. I do not mean to criticize you, instead I am offering an alternative (and logically valid) way of supporting such a view. Using religion further invalidates your point because the teachings of God's Word is that of love, forgiveness, and tolerance. Your essay was saturated with intolerance.

Yes, God’s Word teaches that he is a loving God, but he is also a JUST God who hates sin. And will not allow the "guilty to go unpunished". He was hardly "tolerant" with the moneychangers in the temple. And he wasn’t "tolerant" when he told the woman at the well to go forth and "sin no more". No, he created us to commune with Him and he, throughout his Word, never tolerated sin. He is consistent throughout His Word, love the sinner, hate the sin. Also, keep in mind, that when God became man and walked the earth (Jesus) He quoted the old testament over and over, but he NEVER contradicted anything the OT said. Again, read the Timmy letter, it explains what I’ve said fully.

Here is a proven fact for your essay (to help you out): Clinical research has proven that homosexuality is not a behavioral disorder, it is a medical condition. A disease, if you will. In homosexuals of both sexes, researchers found that the hypothalamus was dramatically smaller than it is in heterosexuals of similar ages, weights, etc. The body chemistry is altered, which can be (if we are to be bold) compared with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. Now they have proven that the same is true of homosexuality.

I covered most of this earlier, so I won’t reiterate on that. However, I believe (and history will eventually bear witness) that homosexuality is not a choice (for most), is not hereditary, and is not a disease. Unless you call an environmental change, a disease. Little boys (and I’ll explain why I don’t use girls in a moment) are created in God’s image. God was not a homosexual. At some point in their little lives, they were affected, in one way or another, by an adult in their lives. Be it an over domineering mother, a non-existent or callous father, an abusing uncle, parent or neighbor, etc. something happened in that little boy’s past that caused his life to fork off, ever so slightly (in the beginning) to a different mindset. As time went on, his little fork in the road became wider and wider, until all he ever remembers is being gay. Ergo, "I must have been born this way". I have no doubt at all about this, and I believe, as I said before, that the future will eventually bear witness to this.

Thousands of men who’ve come out of the lifestyle and are now living happy - oft times married with children - lives, have undergone counseling that has revealed these same findings. Of course THOSE organizations (like Exodus International) are mocked and ridiculed by the homosexual community, because it smacks in the face their claim of genetics.

The reason I don’t include girls, is because most lesbians choose the lifestyle. Self admitted, most prefer women over men because of the "men are evil" mentality that is so prevalent in today’s society. Whereas with homosexual men, most find the thought of bedding a woman abhorrent (as we would someone of the same sex), most lesbians are BI-sexual and just prefer women over men. There are some that have suffered the same traumatic events in their childhood as boys, but by their own admissions (gay publications) surveys show they are the exception, not the rule.

Another piece of evidence that refutes the genetic link is God himself. While there ARE children that are born with genetic disorders (we don’t understand why God allows things to happen - although he did create us with our own will, and WE have chosen through sin to bring disease and death into the world), He would NEVER allow a child to be born with genetics that CAUSE him to sin.

His word is very clear about the sin (act) of homosexuality:

Genesis 1:27,28
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it"

1 Corinthians 6:9,18
Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the sexually immoral (does not JUST mean homosexuals), nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders shall share in the kingdom of God…. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his won body.

Jude 7
Sodom and Gomorra and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Proverbs 1:7
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

James 1:13
When tempted, no one should say "God is tempting me", for God can not be tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by their own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. (I do not believe He is referring to someone being environmentally altered to homosexuality - he’s referring to the ACT itself)

Romans 1:26
God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way, the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

Leviticus 18:22
Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman. That is detestable.

Revelation 21:8
The unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars - their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

I cannot reject gays solely because they are gay because that would be rejecting a human being that God created. That would be rejecting God. I do not condone the gay lifestyle, and feel that it is a rash on the face of society. The gay lifestyle is repulsive to most. If it is so repulsive to you, do you think that you could CHOOSE it? No way! It is a medical condition. Do not alienate them any more than you would alienate someone with heart disease. Pray for them. Counsel them. Help them. Do this, and you shall do it unto God, right???

I wholeheartedly support you here. We ARE called to love the sinner. I would never suggest that anyone "reject" gays. We need to fulfill God’s commandment and love them into the kingdom. I suggest a two handed approach, extend an open hand to them to show the Love of God, but show a hand of restraint which tells them that the act is destroying themselves, as well as the society that condones the behavior. Never alienate them. Most, however, are all too eager to receive the hand of love, but don’t want to touch the hand of restraint.

You see, NO SIN gets into heaven. There is no sin in heaven. So we have to figure out how to get rid of it BEFORE we die. God has spelled out the "entrance requirements" in His Word, all we have to do is read it, act on it, and live it. We can’t work our way into heaven (by being good, doing good things, or even going to church). His Word says "For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". So we’re ALL born, destined for Hell. It’s up to US to choose where we want to spend eternity. God created us with free will. And He would never FORCE us to live for eternity with Him in heaven, if we never desired to live with Him on earth. The choice is ours to make. That is why I reach out my hand to the homosexual. I want them ALL to spend eternity with me in Heaven. I feel compassion for Gays who’ve had their lives altered because of the sins of someone else. I love them and want them to go to heaven (as I do my heterosexual friends as well). We are commanded to preach the Gospel to all creation. God wants that "none should perish" and commands us to make sure everybody has the option.

The State of Georgia is my home and I love it. Here, our State Motto is taken from Plato's Republic, and reads "Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation." People who do not value religion cannot live by "your" Bible, but they can live by logic. Any prudent person can exercise judgment using this motto and almost can't go wrong!

The State of Georgia began it’s Constitution in 1777, "We the people of Georgia, relying upon protection and guidance of Almighty God, do ordain and establish this Constitution."

Your founders sought the God of the Bible for guidance. Today should be no different.

Let's use it here:

Wisdom -- By knowing this is a condition which cannot be helped and these people do not choose, we know that they are not in control of their emotions and should not be held responsible for their preference (their actions YES, their preference no).

Do not choose (in most cases) yet can be changed if they so desire. You are right - Actions Yes.

Justice -- In America, one person's rights end where another's begin. As long as they are not infringing on my right to not have the homosexual life thrown in my face, they are within their rights to lead a homosexual life. Rape and molestation would be considered infringement of others' rights.

I have already shown how the agenda does in fact "infringe" on the rights of others. We have already established how infringing beliefs on a culture changes the culture. Abraham Lincoln said, "the philosophy of the classroom of one generation is the philosophy of the government in the next." So True.

Moderation -- By moderating the things we say, we minimize the chances of making a major controversy of this. Moderation is our disapproval is every bit as healthy for society as their moderation of their approval and/or participation.

Moderation equals tolerance. Tolerance becomes acceptance. Acceptance becomes promotion. Etc Etc Etc. Jesus didn’t practice moderation. He implored us to do everything to bring as many as possible into the kingdom. You don’t get that with moderation. Especially when an entire segment of society is dying because no one speaks out.

This is a joint effort. Gays and straights really need to work together to understand each other. Many gays commit suicide because these damn hellfire & brimstone Protestants here are telling them how much God hates them! Don't these people realize that God "hates" when people cause each other duress, stress, and pain? God "hates" when people sow hatred and misgivings. God "hates" when people do not follow in the love that he teaches. Look closely -- the Bible also frowns on people who are judgmental.

Many points here. If "understanding" means to excuse sin, then we don’t need to understand each other. Because that understanding leads to eternal pain and suffering for the one living in sin. Unfortunately hellfire and brimstone is very much a part of life. Jesus spoke of it often. It is something to definitely fear. It was THAT which caused me to come to Jesus. So some people DO respond to such messages.

I don’t know ANY Christian that says that God hates anybody. If they do, I will say right now, they have no clue what Christianity is all about. God loves every one of us and wants each and every one of us to choose to spend eternity with Him in heaven. It is not in God’s character to hate.

And as far as God hating those who are "judgmental", don’t forget, He told us to "do not take part in the evil deeds of darkness, but instead expose them." People tend to disregard God in their lives if they are never confronted with their sin. We are commanded to expose the sin, but offer redemption, and all they have to do is repent of their sins and take the gift that God offered us at the cross.

We send society to hell by being liberal whiners and crying over the "plight of the gays", but we pull farther away from God by not being tolerant and treating them as though they were the creations of God that they really are. I, personally, would rather be "Nearer My God to Thee" than to try to save this lost society. That, my friend, is why Catholics are very inwardly religious and not outwardly religious.

I’ve found that the difference between many Catholics and many Protestants is "Religion vs. Relationship". You see we were created to commune with God. He desires a relationship with us. He wants us to talk with him, much like you would any other friend. When we retreat to our "prayer closets" for lack of a better term, and pray, and read His Word, He speaks to us. He mainly does that in his Word. His love letter to us. I’ve had a close relationship with many Catholics in the Pro-Life Community, and they’ve basically said the same thing. It’s a relationship thing. Many go to church (Catholics and Protestants alike) and treat it much like a country club. Fulfill your commitment and then go home and "do what thou wilt……." Those that have a "relationship" know that church is just a formality. It’s a place where we can all go to worship together. But the REAL worship takes place on a daily basis. It’s not a once a week thing.

That's the end of her questions.

Just please know my heart…… As I told her...... I loved my gay friends very much (still do although I haven’t seen them in many years) and want so much to see them in Heaven some day. On the other hand, I can not stand idly by and watch the deterioration of our society without exposing the agenda that seeks that deterioration.

I hope I have aptly explained everything point by point. I am not a "rabid fundamentalist". I just love Jesus, and want to see those He created to come to know Him, love Him, follow Him, and live with Him for eternity.

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