Meet The



Me & Sheldon

Me (Linda) and my
husband (Sheldon)

Our Three Sons

Our three sons:
Sony (19) - Rich (18) - David (15)
Taken in 1995 on
Resurrection Day (Easter)

Our Three Sons

A more recent photo of them
taken on Easter 1996
Rich (19), Sony (20) & David (16)


This is HAMMY
Isn't He Precious?

Us @ the Youth Group

Me and my sister Susan
and our kids (left to right)
Kristen, Susan, Sony, Me,
Rich laying on Jayson,
Justin in front.

Sony & Jayson

Sony & Jayson playing
@ Why Outreach

Me & My Boys

Me and my boys
(Sony & Rich)
and Amy Grant ?

Rich & Becky

Rich & his girlfriend Becky

Rich & Becky At Christmas 1997

And at Christmas, 1997

Camping @ Aquire the Fire

At the Dynamic AQUIRE THE FIRE
Conference, 60 (of the 10,000) young adults and teens camped at Hillsborough State
Park. Here are Jayson (Cousin),
Rich, Mike & Sony

Cooking on the grill

Rich and Sony cookin dogs, with Becky watching (& waiting) in the background

Jay & Susan

Susan and her husband Jay

The Cousins

Susan's kids....
Jayson, Justin, Kristen
(left to right) and my kids
Sony (back) and Rich (front)

Mom & Paul

My Mom & her Husband Paul

Dad & Sue

My dad & his Girlfriend Sue

Uncle Roy
Aunt Dora

Aunt Dora
Uncle Roy

Uncle Roy in the Hospital

Me with Uncle Roy
in the Hospital
Thanksgiving 1998

Dad & Aunt Elinor

Dad & his sister, Aunt Elinor

Me & Deward & Dewey

Me & my cousin Deward
& his son Dewey

The Gang

Hail, Hail, the gang's all here....
(Back row left to right)
Uncle Deward, Cousin Deward, Susan, Brother Terry, Jay, Rich, Jayson, Sheldon & Dad
(Second Row) Justin, Kristen
(First Row) Dewey, Me, Elinor
(Seated Front) Sony

And That's Our Family - At least Most of it - Stay Tuned for More

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