This Page is Dedicated to Me

My Name is HAMMY and I am the PERFECT Pet!

I Was Born On March 3, 1996 - In Palmetto, Florida

A Wee Piggy

That's MY Spot on the Couch

Me & Dad

Everybody Loves Me (oo) "Oink"

Me & Uncle Richie

I was just an up-&-coming young lad here
That's my uncle Richie
Bath Time!

Me & Uncle Sony

A little bit older now,
but they still love me
That's my uncle Sony

Standing Up

My mommy teaches me tricks
BEGGING for food
is what I do best!


I don't like this harness
and I hate this leash
but if it'll get me a carrot
I'll go for a walk


Whew, that walk was tiring
I'll just take a little nap
You're in my spot!
65 Pounds coming up!

Oh yeah, that's dad and those dogs
and he's MAD at me Now!

Pillow Sleep

Drats, kicked off the couch
He seems to think it's HIS
I'll just sleep on
Mom's pretty pillow
Z z z z z z z z


I just don't get no respect
Now I'm an Armrest.
But an adorable armrest
If I DO say so myself


When they go to work
I can take a quiet nap
in MY spot
UN interrupted!
Now if I could just
get rid of those dogs

First Birthday

It's my First Birthday
I've been waiting
All year for this day!

My Cake

My Birthday Cake
Mommy bought Just for me!

I'm sitting Uncle Sony

Hurry Uncle Sony
I want my cake!
I want my cake!
I want my cake!

First Bite

Oh My Gosh
My First Bite
This is delicious
Keep those dogs away Mommy


YUM, that was GOOD

Clean my neck

I just wish I could
Lick my neck clean !!!

I Want More

Mommy I'm sitting
You're supposed to give me more

Jump for Snacks

I'm still hungry
Gimme that snack?

Hammy Kissing Sony

Uncle Sony, we have such
a strong family resemblance

Stay Tuned CyberPiggy Buddies......
Mom'll be posting more pigtures of me soon.
She takes SO many pigtures, Dad told her buy stock in Kodak.
Ya'll come back now.....Ya Hear !?!?!?!?!

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