Hammy's CyberPiggy Buddies


This is ME! - HAMMY
I live in Palmetto, Florida
I was born on March 3, 1996
My Mommy simply adores me
I get away with alot of things the dogs never do!
I'll show them who rules this roost !

Hang around for awhile and meet my CyberPiggy Buddies
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Piglet & Shorty
Hi, my name is Hamlett
But they call me Piglet I was born on August 31, 1996 and mom (Judy Loving) got me when I was 5 weeks old. I was under-nourished, but mom took care of that right away. This picture of the cat and me looked like I was "fresh kill" but was actually a moment of ecstasy for the me. The cat's name is Shorty. In August of 1994, when Shorty was a tiny kitten (with HUGE feet) the first day mom saw him he had a beautiful, long bushy tail. The next day she saw him his tail had been pulled off, leaving only about two inches of raw bone and one inch of skin. Maybe a coyote tried to get him, or maybe (more likely) he got up under the hood of a car and got it caught in the fan belt. OUCH! He was living under an empty, worn-out mobile home at the time, but we may have "stolen" someone's cat. At any rate, mom took him to the vet. His injury was bad enough the vet wasn't sure whether she was bringing the little cat in to put him to sleep or try to save him. He now has one very short nub. Mom's two little nieces love to hear the story (over and over and over) of Shorty and how he lost his tail. From the telling of it, that cat has lost his tail more times than he knows.

Let me IN!

This picture is of us again, this time eleven months of age (for me). Still a widdle piggy.
We are waiting to come in.
("Don't just stand there, let me in!")

Laundry Pig

Laundry time = Nap time.


Here I am trying to take a nap,
and Shorty's playing

Hi, my name is Arthur
I'm now 7 months old, and was
born September 28, 1996 in Hawaii.
I currently weigh about 30 pounds.
Here, I was approximately 4 months old.
I was adopted in April from Angelique in Seattle,
by my new parents Rosy & Rex
from Estacada, Oregon
My new Step-Sister's name is Maggie
You can see her in the next pigture.


Hi, my name is Maggie
I'm 1 1/2 years old and
I weigh about 120 pounds (as of 5/11/97).
My mom and dad came home
with a new piggy last month.
His name is Arthur
That's him in the pigture above mine
We get along OK now
But in the beginning.......

Nellie @ Age 3 Hangs 4

Pricilla's Piggy - NELLIE VALENTINE
Lives in Kent, Washington
Nellie Travels with mom and dad (Steve) all over America. Phil Donahue says she's "the most incredible animal I've ever seen. She is so eager to please, always looking up at her trainer. And I never dreamed a pig could be so beautiful".
Here @ age 3 , she's hangin 4

Nellie scores a goal

Nellie scores a goal

Nellie jumps through a hoop

Nellie, @ 4 1/2, proves that pigs CAN fly!!!

Renee's Piggy - NORMAN lives in Millbrae, California (20 Miles South of San Fran). Norman is a 5 year old neutered black boy with an attitude. His date of birth is 2/17/92. He weighs 189 lbs (as of 3/12/97). They bought Norman because their youngest daughter has asthma and is allergic to everything with fur and feathers. They had her tested and she wasn't allergic to hog hair. He lives outside and is totally spoiled rotten. Renee's husband, who is a carpenter, built him a house with a window, wall to wall carpet, and about 8 blankets and straw. In the summer and spring he loves to bake (no punn intended) in the sun. He also has a deck and a wading pool for those hot days. His favorite foods are grapes and strawberries. He used to say Mama but that was when she was teaching him tricks. She thought it was his frustration! His tricks include, sitting, turning in a circle, lying down, kneeling and honking a bicycle horn. She used to take him to the elementary schools and show him off to all the children. That was when he was younger and smaller. What she loves about him and pigs in general the most is their little lips, and their smile. She also loves how he gets goose bumps when she scratches his back right before he falls over for the belly rub. He also loves it when they garden because that usually means extra treats for him as well. He usually helps them pull weeds!

Norman Again

And a more recent pigture of NORMAN
Disposing of some Weeds he's pulled.


Kathy's Piggy - PRECIOUS TOO
Lives in Maui
When Kathy's first Piggy "Precious" passed away, several of us helped her get a new Piggy.
We're all so happy you have "Precious Too"


Brooke & Andrea's Piggy - WILBUR
Lives in Orlando, Florida


Ed & Stephanie's Piggy - PENELOPE
Lives in Kissimmee, Florida
She is 5 Weeks Old


Another Pigture of Penelope
Napping with Miss Piggy


Lana's Piggy - GORDY
Lives in Fort Myers, Florida
Is 2 Years Old
and Weighs 161 Pounds
(now - not pigtured)


Selena's Piggy - OREO
Lives in St. Joseph, Illinois
Was 2 Years Old in July/96
and Weighs 82 Pounds

Stay Tuned..... More Piggies Coming

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