There's Nothing Safe
About Legal Abortion

KEEP ABORTION SAFE AND LEGAL” is the battle cry of the militant pro-abortion organizations. You’ve seen them on TV and in the newspaper, as they hold up their coat hangers, yelling, “We won’t go back!” The implication being that women were dying by the thousands before abortion was legal, and will again when Roe vs. Wade is overturned.

This is yet another myth sold to America by the abortion profiteers, in an effort to keep it legal.

The fact is, there were NOT thousands of deaths prior to Roe vs. Wade. In 1972, the year before Roe, only 39 abortion related deaths were reported (by emergency rooms and morgues) to the Centers for Disease Control.

With the advent of ‘Safe & Legal’ abortions, you’d think the death rate would drop to zero. Quite the opposite is true. In 1975, two years after Roe, the CDC stated that as many as seven times more deaths were caused by legal abortions than illegal ones. According to the American Rights Coalition, over 200 women are dying every year from botched abortions.

The pro-abortion organizations have successfully blocked any legislation from being passed that would impose the same regulations on abortion clinics that are required by veterinarians. The clinics answer to no one, and therefore are often very unclean.

Two years ago, the Miami Herald reported on a clinic in Miami, Florida that had dried blood on the floors and equipment, and green mold on the suction machines. Yet the trumpeters of ‘Safe and Legal Abortion’ continued to fight against regulation legislation.

In light of this, one must ask, If they don’t really care about women, what are their motives? MONEY! Abortion is an extremely lucrative industry. The more you perform, the more money you make, and with speed comes error. Hence the high death and injury rate:

Theresa Causey, Macon GA, was 17 when she died from a perforated uterus and a severed artery.

Eurice Agbagaa, Brooklyn NY, was 15 when she died from severe blood loss due to puncture.

Denise Montoya, Houston TX, was 15 when she died from severe blood loss due to puncture.

Beverly Ann Moore, Chattanooga TN, was 15 when she died of cardiac arrest from an overdose of anesthesia.

Stacy Ruckman, St. Louis MO, was 23 when she died of an overdose of lidocaine.

Sandra Milton, Toledo OH, was 28 when she died on laceration of the cervix.

Glenda Davis, Houston TX was 31 when she died of a perforated uterus which resulted in severe blood loss.

Angelica Duarte, Las Vegas NV, was 21 when she died of a perforated uterus which resulted in severe blood loss.

A Connecticut woman was 21 when she died, on August 3rd, a few hours after experiencing a heart attack during an abortion.

At the same clinic, in January, a 13 year old girl died after a botched abortion, which also led to a heart attack.

These are but a few of the tragic cases that resulted in death. The injury cases are much more numerous. The following are just a few examples:

Suzanne Logan, Hillview, Washington DC, was paralyzed and suffered extensive brain damage when her anesthesia was administered incorrectly during her abortion. She cannot walk or talk, and only communicates by tapping out messages on an electronic keyboard.

Lillian Lawson, Dallas TX, had her lower intestine and bowel ripped out when the abortionist went through the back of her uterus.

Kathleen Maki, Minneapolis, MN suffered permanent numbness in her hands and feet from the abortionist having four staff members hold her down on the table with excessive force during her abortion after Kathleen had changed her mind and requested that the abortion not be performed.

Robin Simmons, Hendersonville TN, had to have surgery due to an infection that had occurred from an abortion that had been performed previously at a clinic, due to the fact that body parts of her 15 week old baby were left inside of her, began to decay and cause her extreme pain. Had the body parts not been surgically removed, the infection would have killed her.

Julie Surland, 19, had hemorrhaged so severely during her abortion that she bled half the total blood volume of her body. She is now sterile and is heartbroken that she can never have another child.

In the book, ABORTED WOMEN, SILENT NO MORE, David Reardon interviewed women who had obtained legal abortions. His survey revealed that:

47% of all abortions result in some type of physical complication
6% have resulted in total hysterectomies
6% reported cervical cancer
8% had blocked fallopian tubes
9% had infections
8% had cervical incompetence
15% had post-operative hemorrhage
22% miscarried a later wanted child
(some reported more than one complication)

Juries are now awarding millions of dollars in abortion settlements to these women and to the many others with similar circumstances, as well as the families of women who’ve died from SAFE and legal abortions, as the abortionists’ greed and total disregard for women’s health and welfare are finally being exposed.

There are currently 21 cases pending in the state of Florida. Charlie Wysong, President of the American Rights Coalition, says, We believe that those who have injured these women should be sued for malpractice. Abortion may be legal, but malpractice is not.”

If you would like to receive the ABORTION INJURY REPORT newsletter, which is periodically published (as time permits) call: 1-800-634-2224.

Or if you'd like to review current cases of abortion related deaths and injuries, peruse through the Interlife Web Site. The abortionist is legally responsible for your injuries and the American Rights Coalition can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. It’s time to expose the myth, because.....


This article was written in February 1992

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