The Very Short Lives


by Louis Olivio

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sending me your web page link. And as you probably can see I have spent some time checking it out! Great Job!!!

My prayer is that everyone who is looking to abort their babies, finds this website, and as soon as I get set up for my business on the web, I will proudly display your site address. Thank you for taking the stand that you have!

I want to tell you a brief story about the loss of our twins. I'm not sure if Suzi or I have told you about it or not.

When Suzi was not able to get pregnant, ( over 5 years), we had heard on a Dr. James Dobson program about the gift and invetro procedures. With many of years of prayer, we both knew that the Lord wanted us to check this out. ( we both heard the program on WJIS Radio, but I was on the road and she was at work). So, we were able to go through the procedure and by the grace of God, Suzi became pregnant with twins, (Adam John, born Sunday February 26th, 1995. And Jacob Christian, born Wednesday March 8,1995. Just 2 days after Suzi's 37th birthday ).

When Suzi was at her 20th week she gave birth prematurely to Adam who was about 3" longer than my hand, he was born alive but did not have lungs. I held him and would not let the nurses take him from us for over 24 hours. My In-Laws, who were pro-death (choice) came into the room and saw Adam in my arms and I made my Mother- in- Law hold him, and the very first words out of her mouth were how perfectly he was formed! She even saw some similarities in his features, with others in her family. The Lord knows that a heart which was dead set on "choice" had been cracked!!!

Jacob was still born two weeks later. But I held him as I did Adam and to both of them I sang " Jesus Loves Me This I Know". The nurses all cried as they would come into the room and hearing me singing to them. But I never loved children as much as I do them, and my hope is that the Lord will be able to use this story in someway for his glory.

I hope that you understand about the desire of couples like us who could not have any children to seek Gods doctors who believe in Life and doing what God has given them for Life and not Death!

We prayed for years for Adam and Jacob and the Lord has blessed us with the moment of memories with them.

We have them with us here in at the house in a very special place of our house and I want to invite you and Sheldon to come over at anytime and we would like to introduce you to them. We have pictures of them and their little hats and everything that you would get if you had a child that was alive! The people at Sarasota Memorial Hospital were very good with Suzi and myself.

At Christmas, we have a Christmas Tree in the room with them and only decorate the tree and the room with nothing but angels!!! We put one candle (battery powered) with them and anyone who may come over that has not met our children we introduce them. Some people think that we are crazy, but I don't care!

I am ashamed to say that before I became a Christian, I was one of those who said that it was a woman body and she could do what ever she wanted to do with it!! Boy was I ever wrong. I had my eyes and heart opened after I became a Christian and with the help of your pictures of beautiful children who's parents were misinformed.

I told Suzi at one time that I was going to start looking in the garbage cans to see if I could find a child that a parent threw away. To this day she calls me a garbage picker, but if I ever find a child in my ventures I hope that I would be in time to save them, but if not then at least I would give them a proper burial for them, after I contacted the authorities. I am happy to say that I have yet to find any children in the garbage, but I know that too many people don't care enough for their unborn child that they abort them and the so called doctors throw them out.

Thank you
God bless you,


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