Hitler In Wichita

Day after day, they walk around the abortuary. They watch women enter the facility as though they were going in for delivery. They are in a sense....they'll be delivering a dead baby. Abortionist Tiller (Tiller the Killer), specializes in killing full term babies. For whatever reason, as their due date draws near, women decide to end the lives of their precious pre-born children and Abortionist Tiller is more than happy to accommodate.

Although full term abortions are legal in America, very few abortionists will perform them. Most abortionist's consciences' won't allow them to execute children that are ready to be born. Therefore, abortionist Tiller is making a 'killing' flying in all of the full-termers to "help" them in their time of need.

According to a former employee of Tiller's, Luhra Tivis; he checks them in to a motel across the street for a 3 to 5 day stay. On day one, he collects the money (up to $3,500) and injects the baby's heart with a "foeticidal agent", which results in death for the baby. For the next two days, he inserts lamanaria packs (seaweed sticks) into the cervix of the woman (which absorbs her body fluids and expands like a sponge) to cause her cervix to dilate. He then administers labor-inducing drugs. On the third or fourth day labor begins. All of the women (12 women per group / 2 groups per week) are then taken to a room in the basement where they give birth to their dead babies.

Abortionist Tiller has never had a "disposal problem" either. 20 to 24 late term babies and 20 to 30 first trimester babies a week are incinerated on the west end of his property. Now try to imagine yourself walking around and around that mill, seeing the smoke billowing out from the stack, and smelling the awful stench of burning flesh. That is exactly what the Wichita-Defenders-of-Life have to do. Walking and praying, walking and praying, day after day after day.

One tends to imagine that they are standing at the gates of Auschwitz or Triblinca in Nazi Germany. Is there any difference in what Tiller is doing, and what Hitler did? At best, a minor one. And that is the age difference of those being led away to the ovens. They couldn't walk, they couldn't talk, they couldn't feed or defend themselves; but neither could the elderly and the infirm that met their demise at the hands of Hitler (before the Jews). In addition, Hitler didn't make obscene profits from his grisly deeds.

While no one condones the actions of Rachelle Shannon, her frustrations are understandable: 1 baby every 20 seconds, 3 per minute, 180 per hour, 4320 per day, 30,240 per week, 1,572,480 per year, 31,449,600 in America since Roe vs. Wade (1973), have been painfully slaughtered by Tillers from sea to shining sea.

And the killing continues, for the day after she shot Abortionist Tiller in the arms (which set the pro-life movement back 10 years), he was back at his mill.......


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