This Page is Dedicated to Me

I Was Born On February 14, 1997 - In Taft, Florida

A Wee Piggy

First day with my new family
That's Uncle Sony

Suey Snoozin

Here I am in MY spot on the couch
(oo) "Oink Snort Snort Snooze"


Me and my bankie

Beggin for Snacks

Daddy, what are you eating

Gimme Food

Daddy, Gimme Snack

Suey in her Pool

Eating raisins out of my Pool
Mommy does this to
make me drink lots of water

Garbage Duty

Just making sure the
garbage can is clean, Mom

Suey at the Carwash

Here I am keeping the parking lot
clean at the Youth Group Carwash

Suey meets Michael

And I met a new friend at the
Carwash named Michael

Stay Tuned CyberPiggy Buddies......
Mom'll be posting more pigtures of me soon.

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