NO Tax Dollars for Planned Parenthood

Madam Chairman and Manatee County Commissioners:

My name is Linda Clements and I am whole heartedly opposed to Children's Services Tax Dollars being used to fund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion (and referral) provider.

While I realize that this clinic does not provide abortions {at the time of this speech they did not........they now do}, they do preach "value-free" sex education to our teenagers, and now they want to use our tax dollars to preach this same message to our younger children.

When the Children's Services Tax Advisory Board was reviewing Planned Parenthood's request for funds, one of the board members visited the clinic. During her tour, she was guided to the "literature room" of the facility. Once inside, she saw wall to wall brochures promoting abortion, contraceptives and unhealthy/deviant lifestyles. She asked her guide what literature they distribute to appease the "anti-contraceptive crowd". Confident that she was in the presence of someone "of like mind " the guide walked over to a tiny section in the corner of the room, pointed to a few brochures and quipped, "Lest they say we don't teach abstinence."

One need only to look at their "Recommended Reading List" to see what messages they're sending to our children.

The book, "Changing Bodies, Changing Lives", tells them, "The only time any sex is perverted or immoral is if it is being forced on someone", and "People aren't born knowing how to be in a sexual relationship, so you have to learn a lot with each partner." The book also describes anal and oral sex and the values of masturbating prior to a sexual relationship, so you can communicate to that person what makes you feel good.

The chapter teaching the techniques of sexual intercourse begins with a note to "Readers with Gay and Lesbian Experience: Although some gay men who have anal sex refer to it as "intercourse", in this chapter we are using the word intercourse to mean heterosexual intercourse. We will use "lovemaking" to refer to things that gay and straight couples do."

In the chapter titled "Exploring Sex with Someone of Your Own Sex (Homosexuality)", the book says "Sometimes when you first realize you're gay, you may want to shout it from the roof tops and let everyone know about this exciting self-discovery. But it's important to take the time that you need to get ready gradually to tell your friends and family".

[ It should be pointed out that homosexuality, like pornography, is a progressive addiction ( see the page on GAY STUDY ) in that what you're experiencing today is not exciting tomorrow, you must move into more deviant behavior for your "satisfaction". Therefore, encouraging teens to keep their secret to themselves "take the time you need", permits them time to get hooked into a dangerous and often addictive lifestyle ]

In the same chapter, children are advised that they should never fear homosexual feelings, "We are taught that two people of the same sex loving each other in a romantic and sexual way is bad, sick, sinful. It is hard to accept, much less enjoy, same-sex feelings, when we have been taught all these negative things." The book then goes on to teach them how to "cruise" for other gays and how to have sex with them when you meet them.

Other books like "Our Bodies, Ourselves" are so sexually descriptive, they should come in a brown wrapper. Two years ago, a brochure was given to a teenager at the Sarasota Planned Parenthood Clinic entitled, "Making Sex Safer." It gave several examples of "Safe" to "Dangerous" behavior. The SAFE examples included: Masturbation on Healthy Skin, Oral Sex on a Man with a Condom, Urinating on Unbroken Skin, and Touching, Massage, Fantasy. DANGEROUS behavior included, but was not limited to: Oral-Anal Contact, Urinating in Mouth/Vagina/Rectum, and Fisting. FISTING? Should our children even KNOW about such things?

There are literally thousands of such references in their "Recommended Reading List" material. This type of material should NOT be distributed to our children. But it comes as now surprise to most, since Planned Parenthood knows full well the value of getting to our children early. They feel that if they can reach them while they're still in the informative years, they stand a good chance of convincing them to abandon the values taught by their parents, and to adhere to the PP line.

That line dates back to 1921, when it's founder, Margaret Sanger began her organization under the heading of "The American Birth Control League". Her two main goals were 1) to cause a revolution in sexual values by promoting the use of birth control to disconnect sexuality from reproduction, and 2) to promote white world supremacy by means of the sterilization of supposed defectives and inferiors. She advocated the sterilization of all blacks, Jews and Catholics. Referring to the poor as "human weeds", she advised withholding all medical treatment from them. She was very sympathetic to the growth of Nazism in Germany, frequently publishing Nazi eugenics articles in her "Birth Control Review" magazine. The slogan on it's cover read, "Creating a Race of Thoroughbreds".

In 1942 Sanger (her grandson is now the President of PPFA) renamed the organization to Planned Parenthood, to disassociate herself from the failed, Nazi "Master Race" concept.

In the last two decades Planned Parenthood has produced sexually explicit booklets and films aimed at school children, encouraging them to make their own decisions about becoming "sexually active". I am certain that I speak for most CHILDREN'S SERVICES taxpayers, when I say that I don't want my tax dollars being used to promote premarital sex to the children of Manatee County. A candid study of Planned Parenthood's history, and future goals leads to the inevitable conclusion that they are radically opposed to traditional morals and values, and are one of the most potent forces of destructive social change in our society.

I urge you to deny funding. Thank you.

[ For those who are interested......funds were DENIED! ]

If YOU would like help in Stopping Planned Parenthood in YOUR area...... Contact Jim Sedlak at STOPP International.

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