Opposes Bible History Course


December 9, 1997


Following their typical spirit of intolerance, Planned Parenthood once again speaks out against any form of speech contrary to their pro-abortion rhetoric.

Planned Parenthood of Southwest Florida is now opposing the newly authorized Bible History classes in the Lee County public schools, claiming anti-abortion doctrine will be taught.

In an effort to protect their financial interests, Planned Parenthood, being the nation's largest abortion provider, fears the teaching of biblical doctrines will directly affect their business revenue. They make reference to the greatest literary work of all time, the Bible, as containing anti-abortion propaganda.

In the past they have revealed their radical position on abortion by condoning the gruesome partial birth abortion.

The purpose of the Bible History course is to teach students the history and basic principles portrayed in the Bible. Planned Parenthood's philosophy directly contradicts these basic principles in areas such as abortion, homosexuality, resistance to parental authority, eugenics, and promiscuity.

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