The Republican Party
Must Keep
The Pro-Life Platform

I have found over the years, that most Americans call themselves “pro-choice”, not understanding the full scope of that label.

Most people aren’t aware, for example that abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy in every state in America. That came through 1973’s Roe Vs. Wade decision, granting abortion for any reason during the first trimester, in a medical facility in the second trimester, and only in cases of the mother’s health in the third trimester.

Then Doe Vs. Bolton came right behind it and defined “health” as anything, including “mental health”. So “I don’t want to have this baby because it’ll interfere with my social life” became reason enough for a full term abortion.

Most abortionists won’t perform full term abortions. However, there are a few who do, for abortion, especially late term abortion, is an extremely lucrative industry. One in particular is Dr. Tiller from Wichita Kansas. When the full termers enter his facility he inserts lamineria (seaweed sticks) into her cervix to cause her to dilate. Then he injects her with a saline solution and sends her across the street to a hotel for the night. During this time, her baby, who is being slowly poisoned and burned alive, begins to thrash around in her uterus as he violently fights against death. This is when the girl realizes what she’s done but by then it’s too late. It is an emotional scar that she will never forget. The next morning, she goes back across the street and gives birth to her dead, burned, full term baby.

Tiller has a unique way of disposing of the babies after he’s been paid his assassin’s wages. He burns them in the incinerator on the east end of his property. As you walk around the mill praying for the women & babies inside, you can smell the stench of burning flesh. Much like the ovens of Auschwitz.

There are many other techniques of disposing of the preborn; the D&C - Dilation & Curation; the baby is scraped out in the first trimester with a vacuum hose, and the D&E - Dilation and Evacuation; the baby is chopped up into smaller pieces prior to extracting the body. In both cases, the assistant must piece the baby back together to insure evacuation of all body parts, to avoid infection to the mother. Also in both cases, the uterus can be punctured, causing severe bleeding and sometimes death, as we saw two years ago in a north Florida clinic.

Then there’s the now famous D&X - Dilation and Extraction procedure (Also known as the "Partial Birth Abortion" which our "we want to make abortions rare" president put his seal of approval on when he vetoed the Republican ban). The baby is maneuvered around in the mother’s uterus to the breech position. She is delivered feet first to the neck. The abortionist pokes a hole in the back of her neck with his hemostats and extracts her brain tissue with a D&C vacuum. This method allows for the experimentation of fetal brain tissue. The baby’s head then folds flat and provides for an easy delivery of the dead baby.

In every type of procedure, the baby feels the same pain we (who live outside the womb) would feel.

We currently abort 1.6 million babies per year in America, 1 every 20 seconds, 4300 per day, 35 million since Roe Vs. Wade. Yet there are over 2 million couples on adoption waiting lists and many more that just can’t afford the exorbitant adoption and attorney costs.

It seems 100% of the pro-abortion agenda focuses on 2% of the cases. Those being “rape, incest, and life of the mother.” As far as rape and incest are concerned, in no other circumstance do you kill off the child, for the crime of the father. Rape rarely results in pregnancy, but in the cases that it does, you don’t subject the woman to an added traumatic experience. When the woman gives birth and puts the baby up for adoption, she never regrets her decision not to abort. But when she kills the baby, she then has two traumatic experiences to haunt her forever.

In the case of the woman’s life. If she requires some life saving treatment or surgery for HER, which results in the death of her baby, be it. NEVER, when a woman’s life is in danger, does her doctor send her to an abortionist to “save her life”.

The “Abortion Distortion” is what everyone in the pro-abortion movement, the press, and our past congress have enjoyed for 33 years. It began with Roe, when justice Blackmun’s wife told his liberal aide “you work on him in the office, and I’ll work on him at home”. Her influence caused him to state that, “We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.” Therefore there was no medical evidence presented at the trial. Now however, with today’s technology, there is an abundance of evidence which demands that we as a nation take another look at this crucial issue.

Shari Richard, an ultrasound technician, attempted to present a video to the (then) Democratically controlled congress, during the Freedom Of Choice Bill arguments which was entitled, “If Wombs Had Windows”. It showed no abortions, just a baby in the womb, sucking her thumb, kicking, & jumping. The “Don’t confuse me with the facts I’ve made up my mind” congress, refused to allow her to show the video and accused her of “giving human characteristics to an obligate parasite.” They fully understood the consequences of Joe Six-pack sitting at home watching C-Span learning the truth about fetal development.

The evidence is so great in fact, that an abortionist said about the device, “ultrasound has been used to help make induced abortions safer, however care must be taken so that the psychological impact is not negative”. She stressed to turn the monitors away and she also warned that, “staff members may also be effected by the sonographic images and may need opportunities for venting their feelings.” This explains the high turnover rate of ultra-sonographers in the area of abortion. Most women who DO see the ultrasound, opt instead to carry to term. THAT is the reason why pro-abortion groups lobby so hard in favor of “Uninformed Choice”.

The bottom line is this....we wonder what’s happened to the moral fabric in America. THEY have fought for 33 years for the right to kill off a silent segment of our society. Is it any wonder that we no longer have any respect for human life.

The Declaration of Independence did not say, “After a certain level of psychological development human beings gradually become equal, but until they do it’s OK to take from them, life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue happiness.” No, the founding fathers said in fact, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Without the first you cannot enjoy the others.

The great Republican Abraham Lincoln believed this concerning the humanity of the slaves and we should as well concerning those whose residence happens to be in the womb.

In the 1940s a German doctor could kill Jews legally, while in America he would have been prosecuted for murder. In the 1970s an American abortionist could kill preborn babies legally while in Germany HE would have been prosecuted for murder....Laws change....Truth and Justice never do!

Legal abortion requires an ignorant, selfish public. If we still maintain after the facts are presented, that we are “pro-choice”, we can no longer claim ignorance.....only selfishness and the Republican Party has NEVER been the party of the selfish. We must continue to love them both.

On the question of the “divisiveness” of the issue; Republicans, by and large lambaste the media because of their union with, and promotion of the Democratic agenda. Yet on this one issue, they choose to believe the media and its propagation of the “it will divide the Republican Party” mantra.

George Bush did not lose because of the pro-life platform. George Bush lost because he lied to the American public (No New Taxes), and the liberals and the press were quick and consistent in pointing that out. Ronald Reagan was a staunch pro-life candidate, yet he brought in many Democrats and never lost a Republican vote.

The press ignored the fact that in the 1994 elections over two dozen pro-choice incumbents (Governors, Senators and Congressmen) were unseated by pro-life challengers, yet not one pro-life incumbent lost his seat to a pro-choice challenger. 65 of the 73 freshmen in the House and 8 of the 11 freshmen in the Senate are pro-life. The press censored this vital information.

The pro-life message is only a negative one to a militant, selfish few and those are the only ones who will abandon their principles and vote for Democratic candidates. The media’s mission is to convince us to drop the pro-life plank and divide the GOP. We cannot allow those who have no principles, to dictate ours.

Being good Republicans, it is imperative that we retain the pro-life platform and continue to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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