They're Not Pro-Choice....They're


by Frank Joseph

A woman has the right to make a decision about her own body, so if she wants to kill her unborn baby, then that is her choice.

When I hear these words I want to throw up. To begin with, the fetus is not her body. The eyes, heart, brain, lungs, arms and legs of a fetus are not hers. They belong to the fetus. She is just the custodian, and nourishes the fetus. After a baby is born, it also cannot survive on its own. It also requires a custodian, or it will die. To kill the latter is murder. To kill the former after Roe vs Wade, is not murder; it is not second degree murder; it is not voluntary manslaughter; it is not involuntary manslaughter; it is not a felony; it is not even a misdemeanor. This boggles my mind. The fetus is considered just a mass of tissue. It’s as if a tumor was excised. This precious little life, whom God created, may have grown up to be president of the United States, or may have been sent to us by God with the knowledge to cure cancer. Instead this life was excised as if he or she was the cancer.

Before the Roe-Wade decision, if a woman had killed her unborn baby, she was considered scum. People would whisper behind her back: “she killed her baby, she killed her baby.” She had to leave town. Now it’s OK to kill your own unborn baby because Five people said so. Four said no. You cannot legislate on morality. What was immoral 24 years ago was immoral 100 years ago, a 1000, 2000 years ago. And because we do try to change morality, look at the condition of our country. Do you like what you see?

People can’t walk down the street without being killed. Children are killing children. Life is to cheap. It all ties in. How can a mother discipline her child. “Son don’t join that gang, it may wind up in a killing.” He answers, “but mom, you just killed your unborn baby, don’t tell me what to do.” In the eyes of God, what is worse, holding up a liquor store or killing your unborn baby? Of course, the latter. If someone were to ask God, “God is it OK if I kill my unborn baby.” Is God really going to say, “I created it, but if you want to kill it, go ahead.” Right now I’m positive that God is looking down on us with a sad face, and the devil is looking up with a big smile on his face. Can anyone disagree with this?

It seems that every time you read the papers or turn on the news these days, a teenager gives birth, kills her baby and disposes it, usually in a dumpster. We are appalled at this. How can they commit such an act? Sure we know that they panic and are not thinking clearly. Still they are charged with murder, and rightly so. Yet we are not appalled when a woman who is in complete control of her senses kills her unborn that is still in her womb, and this can be done right up to term with a simple sentence, "Doctor, I can't go through with the delivery. Mentally I just can't handle it." And we wonder where these teenagers get the idea that life is so cheap? A second after the baby is born, it's murder, and a second before, it's not. You would think that every person on the face of this earth would be angry and say, "something is wrong." How have we let our morals decay to such a point? Oh, how this country needs a spiritual and religious awakening.

If a baby is born prematurely, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to keep the baby alive, and if someone were to kill it, it would be considered murder. If a baby weighing more than the premature baby is killed inside the mother’s womb, it’s not considered murder, even though it’s older and more developed.

It’s not even a misdemeanor. Does this make any sense to anyone? Even the Pro Choice to Kill Group has got to say, “yes, that is ridiculous,” unless they all have IQ’s of turnips, or they just don’t care about human life.

God laid down laws for us to follow - the 10 Commandments. One of which is: “thou shall not kill.” There is no asterisk after it that says, this does not include the unborn. Surely God with all of his infinite power, would have been able to look into the future and seen the aftermath of the Roe Wade decision, and put an asterisk after it. To say that thou shall not kill, does not include the unborn is the same as saying: “God, you have no power. You couldn’t look into the future, otherwise you would have put an asterisk after ‘Thou shall not kill,’ to exempt the killing of the unborn.” This questioning of God’s power is an insult and a slap to his face. How God must love us. He just keeps taking one slap after another.

These people who say that a woman has a right to kill her unborn baby because it’s her body,also say that they believe in God. I do not believe that they really and truly, and down deep in their hearts believe in God,. The two are diametrically opposed. They say it to try and prove a point and to placate themselves, but they are kidding no one. Why don’t women who take drugs, take it to the Supreme Court, and make the same argument. “It’s my body, and I have a right to take drugs if I want to” They’d be thrown out. At least they’d just be killing themselves and not an innocent life within them.

The Freedom Of Choice Group should be referred to as the Freedom Of Choice To Kill Group, to differentiate it from our other great freedoms, namely religion, speech and press. So lets call a spade a spade and make it clear. Or to shorten it, then the words: Pro Choice To Kill Group can be used, and not just plain Pro Choice. After all, what are we talking about here; freedom of choice to choose our religion; freedom of choice to say what we want to; freedom of choice to print what we want to; or freedom of choice to kill if we want to. When something is alive and you do something to cease to make it exist, the word is KILL, and there is no way to soften it. I would urge the Pro Life Group to refer to them in this manner. It may take a little longer to say, but isn’t it worth it? It will make them angry. Good. As I said before let’s be truthful, and call a spade a spade.

The Pro Live Group has no ulterior motive. They give up their time, their energy. and sometimes money to eradicate these butcheries. They do it simply out of love for the unborn. These people will be rewarded by God. Let there be no mistake about that.

Then you have the Pro Choice To Kill Group. What motivates them? Is it love? Hell no. Their motive is ulterior. Some day they may want to kill their unborn baby, or their daughter may want to, or their wife or girlfriend may want to, and they do not want this option closed. Yet these same people are out demonstrating to save a tree or a fish or against the cruelty to animals. All of these things are given a higher priority than the precious life that is in their womb. How could this be?

These bleeding heart liberals, who claim to be for the poor, the downtrodden and the indigent, are nowhere to be found when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is. They will be on the side of issues that do not require them to suffer. Instead of showing love, by having the baby, and putting it up for adoption, they will kill it. After all they just have to fit into their new bathing suit or dress, or it would just be too inconvenient to have a baby at this time. There are people who want to adopt, and will pay for the prenatal care as well as the entire doctor and hospital bills.

Isn’t it odd that the cold hearted Republicans are the ones that are fighting for the life of the unborn. I was alway told by the liberal Democrats that they were the compassionate ones.

A Republican candidate for president, would sooner lose the presidency than compromise his beliefs. On the other hand the Democratic candidate would sell his soul to the devil to be president of the United States, and make stupid statements like: “I think the killing of the unborn is wrong, but I also think that a woman has to make her own decision.” If it’s wrong then it’s wrong for everyone. That’s the same as saying, “I think it’s wrong to shoot and kill someone, but that a person has to make their own decision.” So when it comes down to a true measuring stick, which this is, it’s the Republicans that are the compassionate ones, and not the liberal Democrats, as they would have you believe.

The liberals believe in only one thing, and that is: what’s in it for me? Give me, give me, give me. Do not make me suffer. Do not inconvenience me.

The more liberal this country gets, the worse it gets. Can anyone deny this?

They take prayers out of public schools because it might offend 2% of the people The hell with the other 98%. Prayers are replaced with condoms. Just maybe, had a boy said a prayer that day, he may not have killed or raped. Or does this make too much sense? Then the Supreme Court says that it is OK to kill your unborn baby. The devil could not have scripted this any better.

Would not a person who realy and truly believes in God, and gets pregnant out of wedlock, want to carry the baby to term, as a penance to God for her sin. After the birth, she can give it up for adoption if she doesn’t want it. Why compound her sin by killing her baby, and committing a more grievous sin. I only mention this, because as I said before, I don’t believe these people really believe in God, as they say they do. Would not a married person, who believes in God as they profess they do, and who is compassionate and full of love, carry the baby to term, give birth and then give it up for adoption. This would be true love. If only these liberals would show as much love for their unborn as they do for a tree or an animal.

At no time have I used the word “abortion.” It’s too soft a word. To begin with, it’s the wrong terminology. The definition of abortion is the expulsion of a non viable embryo or fetus. In the wholesale killing of the unborn that is done today, the fetus is viable. It has to be killed first. This is called a surgical, or induced abortion. Plain abortions, which are spontaneous abortions, are good. They are God’s way to expell a non viable fetus. So I would urge everyone never to use the word abortion, and substitute the killing of the unborn.

When Pro Life uses the word abortion, they are playing right into the hands of the Pro Choice To Kill Group. They don’t want you to say, the killing of the unborn, and yet that’s exactly what is done. Every time I hear Pro Iife on TV use the word abortion, instead of the killing of the unborn, I cringe. What a golden opportunity wasted. It’s as if they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the Pro Choice To Kill Group. Pro Life should shout it from the highest mountain and from every TV and radio station that from now on, the word abortion will be stricken from their vocabulary. From now on you will be truthful, and call a spade a spade. And also that the Pro Choice Group will henceforth be called the Pro Choice To Kill Group, to differentiate them from Pro Choice Of Religion, Press and Speech. After all, we are talking about freedom of choice to kill if we want to, are we not? It may take a little longer to say, but what an impact it will have. It will make the butchers angry. Good. The truth shall set you free.

I would like to pose a question to the readers of this article. If you were God and the laws that you had laid down ( the ten commandments) were continually broken and thrown back in your face, what would you do? Would you accept the resulting cesspool of rampant killings, stealing, adultery, rape, pornography, child abuse, promiscuous sex, and just laugh it off and say humans will be humans? Or would you be angry and bring a plague down on this world? Or maybe you would just throw your hands up in disgust and do nothing, and say that they made their beds and now they have to lie in them.


In 1871, The American Medical Association called abortions, “foul, unprovoked murders.” Our feminist foremothers, Susan B. Anthony, Brinkerhoff, Gage, Goldman, Norton, Paul, and Stanton, all vehemently opposed abortions. Abortion was referred to as “child murder.” This reflects how morality has degenerated since that time. How far do we have to go into the cesspool, before we start gagging? Life is cheap. Rampant murders. Children are killing children.. Women killing their unborn. It all ties in. They cannot be separated. It’s now legal to kill your unborn right up to term. During the third trimester, it’s done for the health of the mother. If a physical reason can’t be found, then a mental one will be found. “Doctor, I’m so depressed since I’ve become pregnant, I don’t know what I’m goint to do.”. Doctor answers, “that’s good enough for me, where do I send the bill?”.

Some people say, “Where is God? Why does he allow all of these bad things to happen?” I say just the opposite. I say, “How God must love us. We keep slapping him in the face, and he just keeps on taking it.”

I would not like to be in the shoes of the Pro Choice To Kill Group when it’s time to meet my maker. I can just imagine the scenario. It would probably go something like this:

God asks, “Why are you in favor of the killing of the unborn?"
Human replies, “I’m not in favor of it. I just think that a woman should have the choice to make up her own mind.”
God - “Do you think that a woman should also have the choice to kill anyone else? "
Human - “No”.
God - “Then why just the unborn?”
Human - “Because it is not a person.”
God - “Does it not have a brain, heart, arms, legs and all of the organs that you do?”
Human - “Yes, but the supreme court said that it was not a person.”
God - “The vote was 5 to 4. It would have taken only one vote to turn it the other way. Then how would you feel?”
Human - “Well then I would consider the fetus a person, and abortions would be wrong.”
God - “So because of one vote, 35 million of my children were killed. One of whom I had sent with the knowledge to cure cancer. Right now he would have been in medical school."
Human - “Oh, I didn’t know God, I’m sorry.”
God - “If a baby is born prematurely and someone kills it, would that be murder?”
Human - “Yes."
God - “Now if a baby is more developed and weighing more than the premature baby, is killed inside of the mother’s womb, what would you think of that? "
Human - “Well, ...uh, uh,... I uh... uh... I uh uh..."
God - “Does the commandment, thou shall not kill, mean anythinng to you?"
Human - “I didn’t think that included the fetus.”
God - “Did you see an asterisk after it that said, this does not include the unborn? Did you think that I could not look into the future and see the aftermath of the Roe vs Wade decision. Did you think that morality can be changed or modified by man? What was immoral 2,000 years ago, was immoral 1,000 years ago, a hundred years ago, 24 years ago, and today."
Human - after a long pause, and with a sad and painful look, said sobbingly, “I see what you mean God.” He then slumped to his knees, and blurted out, “please God, don’t send me to hell, please! please! God don’t send me to hell, I’m sorry. Please! Please! Please!"

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