And It's Amazing Magic Wand

by Bob Swinson

There are many serious difficulties with evolution. For example, how it is possible for one type of life-form to become something completely new and different? How was it possible for scaly, reptilian lizards to become birds?

Biologically, it would appear to be a problem of gargantuan proportions. Imagine reptilian scales becoming feathers or the difficulties associated with a cold blooded creature being transformed into a warm blooded one.

Well, the answer is simple, if you happen to be an evolutionist. You see, when anyone becomes a certified evolutionist he is automatically issued what I am going to call "an amazing magic wand."

What is this so called "amazing magic wand." Why it is time. In fact, the god of evolution is time. No matter how utterly impossible something is in terms of science, in the mind of the evolutionist if enough time is factored into the equation, then anything is possible. The evolutionist has what I call a "lottery mentality." This is the mentality that thinks, ..."well, over a vast period of time anything could happen."

This is the same attitude promoted to sell lottery tickets. The idea that says, ..."you might win, anything is possible." Guess what? The same way that it is possible to calculate the odds against winning the state lottery, it is possible today, using computers, to calculate the mathematical probability for and against certain events occurring.

What would be the probability that a lizard could become a bird, no matter how much time is factored into the equation?


Why is that true?

Because of the limitations of the genetic code. The genetic code contains a finite body of genetic information beyond which it is impossible to go. That is why when we look back to the fossil record life forms have not changed (not in any significant way) from the way they are today nor is there any possibility that they could change into something new and different in the future. With evolution it is always a matter of vast amounts of time.

Evolutionists tell us that it took around twenty billion years for the universe to reach its present state. Imagine, cosmic dust and gases emanating out from an explosion producing the galaxies, solar systems, and the planets that now exist! Not to mention the unbelievable variety of life forms on our uniquely and obviously designed planet.

There are two major problems that the evolutionist must address in regards to time. First, the vast majority of evidence supports a young creation.

In fact, there are at least five hundred processes that demand a recent dating for the world. Many things that we have learned from the space probes that have gone out over the last thirty-five years and more recently the Hubble space telescope tell us that the world must be young!

The second problem is thermodynamics.

The second law of thermodynamics is perhaps the greatest enemy of evolution because it takes away the only thing that evolution can use to escape the many scientific impossibilities that stand in its way. The second law of thermodynamics takes away time and any possibility that it could ever be used to support the evolutionary view. The second law of thermodynamics means that time works against evolution because the world is growing old and in reality is dying! Therefore, the more time added to the equation, the greater the degree of degeneration which is the exact opposite of would evolution would predict.

In conclusion, not only is time not the friend of evolution, but actually works against it.

Maybe the evolutionist could exchange his magic wand for a magic potion! Of course, that is what happened when Stephen Gould from Harvard University formulated "punctuated equilibrium" which basically says that one day a lizard laid an egg and out popped a bird! We call that the hopeful monster theory.

Maybe evolution should get a hold of David Copperfield. Maybe he could give them some tips.

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