Over Their Dead Bodies
Will The Media Let You Know.....


Why do we have liberal laws, created by liberal politicians and PERMITTED by the electorate?
Because for the past 30 years, students haven't been required to READ, much less study our precious founding documents.......

The United States Constitution or The Federalist Papers

While You're at it, peruse through these....

Chronology of US Historical Documents
Center for the American Founding
Wallbuilders - Founders Quotes
The Ronald Reagan Home Page
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan, who was the Greatest President of This Century, said when asked why he thought he deserved heaven, "I know that none of us deserve heaven. But I also know that 'For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life' "

I'll see you here, there, or in the air, Mr. President!

Judicial Watch, Was Your FBI File Taken By The Clinton Administration?
The Right Side of the Web
Christian Coalition
The United States Senate Home Page
The United States House of Representatives Home Page
Understanding it ALL - The CLINTON SCANDALS

Whitewatergate, Filegate, Menagate, Cattlegate,
Chinagate, Bimbogate, Monicagate,
Numerous Unexplained Deaths and Near Deaths in the Clinton Circle,
Yesiree Folks, he said he'd have "The most ethical White House in History"



Legal Abortion Requires An Ignorant and/or Selfish Public

After you read the pages on these links, if you're still Pro-Choice you MUST be selfish, because you can no longer claim ignorance. Unless, of course you DON'T read them. But then, you'd be among the "Don't Confuse Me With The Facts, I've Made Up My Mind " crowd..... You aren't afraid..... are you?

VICTORY WON The Ultimate Pro-Life Materials Catalog
Heritage House Pro-Life Resource Catalog
Abortion Facts
Roe vs. Wade, 27 Years of Life Denied
Help After Abortion
American Life League - The Ultimate Resource
STOP Fetal Tissue Research Homepage
Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?
Human Life International
Pro-Life News & Reports
Abortion Deaths & Injuries
What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?
Save The Baby Humans
STOP Planned Parenthood (Planned Barrenhood)


Exodus International
Love Won Out


Media Research Center
The Federalist Digest
World Net Daily - The TRUTH In Media
World Magazine
The Drudge Report


The Home Schooling Network
The Education Reporter
Conservative Educational Views
Regent University


Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
The American Center For Law & Justice
The Rutherford Institute
The Liberty Counsel
The Home Schooling Legal Defense Association


Coral Ridge Ministries
Promise Keepers
The American Family Association
Christian Coalition
The Family Research Council
The National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families
Concerned Women For America
The Ultimate Pro-Life/Pro-Family Resource List
Focus on the Family
"Screen It" Screens Movies & Videos in 15 Categories for Families


ZJAM - World's Largest Christian Teen Website, by Bill Scott
Carman Ministries
Teen Mania Ministries
Reaching America's Teens on Their Turf
Jeff Fenholt's Students for Christ America
Eastman Curtis - This Generation Youth Convention
Trinity Broadcasting Network
John Hagee Ministries
Compassion International
Campus Crusade for Christ
Jews For Jesus
The 700 Club
Interactive Passion History


Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Institute for Religious Research
Information about Cults and Psychological Manipulation
The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
The Watchman Fellowship
Bob Larson Ministries


Assemblies of God
Southern Baptist Convention
Presbyterian Churches of America
(PCA=Conservative Presbyterians / USA=Liberal Presbyterians)


Operation Save Our Nation


All in one Christian Index
Christian Answers
Christianity Online
Spurgeon Resources
Probing the Christian Faith
The NET Bible
Find ANY Scripture by Address or Topic Includes Concordance, Greek & Hebrew


Bill Scott's ZJAM - Christian "Rock" Band Sites
only for the young and the young at heart!
RightGrrls Women With The RIGHT Attitude

Don't Forward Those Emails Before Checking THE HOAX SITES.....

Urban Legends - Current News Hoaxes
Urban Legends Current Hoaxes
Urban Legends Archive
Virus Hoax, Myths, Legends & Netlore
Internet Hoaxes

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