Death and more death, every time we turn around another student is killing his class-mates. And following each incident, the press is asking everyone "why does this happen, how does this happen, what is happening to our children? Why are our schools turning into war zones?"

This is a classic case of "Look mom, the Emperor has no clothes". It is simply amazing to me that the American Public is turning a blind eye to the obvious answers......

1) Our murder rated skyrocketed after 1973, when we began the wholesale slaughter of 35 million children. We decided, in our finite wisdom, that some people are exterminate-able. If they're not convenient..... kill them.

We then taught the children that WERE lucky enough to make it out of the womb that they are NOT made in the image of God, that they are not NOT accountable to HIM, but, in fact, we are animals..... And then we wonder why they grow up to act like them.

2) The Supreme Court ruled the 10 Commandments could NOT be displayed in the Classroom because children might "read, meditate upon, respect, and obey [them]....and this is not a permissible state objective".

In IT'S finite wisdom, the Supreme Court has simply stated that children shall NOT learn in school that "Thou shalt NOT commit murder". WAKE UP AMERICA !!!! God is NOT unconstitutional. There IS NO separation of church and state in the constitution (please read it).

We need to bring God (and His Protection) back in to our public education. Before we lose ALL sanity and our schools have to be protected by armed guards.

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