(Written early in Clinton's Presidency)

DIED: Bruce Ferden, 44, opera conductor, of complications from AIDS.
DIED: Jesse Dobson, 36, AIDS activist, of complications from AIDS.
DIED: Peter Mark Schifter, 44, theater director, of complications from AIDS.
DIED: Michael Harvey, 49, co-owner of Pride Institute, a gay and lesbian drug treatment center, of complications from AIDS.

On and on, month after month, page after page, the (homosexual) ADVOCATE magazine lists in their "TRANSITIONS" column, those that had succumbed to the deadly disease. It's a sad fact that the average life span of the homosexual is 46 years.

That, according to Larry Kramer (famed homosexual author, playwright and founder of ACT-UP), is our fault. He wrote in the November issue of the Advocate...... "GENOCIDE - the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or ethnic group - need not be intentional to qualify as genocide....He who looks the other way is just as guilty as he who kills his brother. Responsibility for our brothers should be, for any and all, foremost, imperative, and unquestionable......I believe that Bill Clinton, like Ronald Reagan and George Bush before him, is content to let us die."

Of course the homosexual community bears no responsibility for the spread of the (first politically protected) disease. As evidenced by the fact the famous Luke Sissyfag (he chose the name folks) lambasted Bill and his cohorts (Donna Shalala and Jocelyn Elders) on World AIDS day last fall. He shouted at the fems during a food-line photo op, "This is a copy of Bill Clinton's promises on AIDS. 30 recommendations. Bill Clinton is doing nothing while we are dying. Bill Clinton is killing us. It is my life. I may die because they are doing nothing. I may die along with all of my friends who have died."

Then he barged into a speech Clinton was giving and proceeded to blame him for the AIDS plague, "One year, lots of talk, no action.....talk is cheap and we need action......you're doing nothing while me and my community are dying!"

Now I don't want to sound overly simplistic, but, Luke you don't need the Clintons... stop the behavior and you'll stop the disease.

The current costs of HIV/AIDS treatments are already staggering, add to that the fact that younger homosexuals are no longer practicing what they call "safe sex", taking on the cloak of "martyrdom" instead. Vicki Liviakas wrote an article in December for the New York Times, in which she stated that there was a resurgence of high risk activity in the gay bath houses in San Francisco. As a result, health officials fear a second wave of AIDS. She wrote, "numb with loss, fatalistic about their own survival, unwilling to face a measure of sexual deprivation, and eager for the attention showered on the sick and dying, are again practicing unprotected anal intercourse." She then interviewed a 32 year old airline mechanic who had recently tested positive for HIV. He said, "I thought if I was HIV positive, I'd be so much gayer. People are looking for the red badge of courage and you get that when you convert from being HIV negative, to being HIV positive."

John Gallagher from The ADVOCATE Magazine says the homosexual community will not be satisfied if the Clinton Package merely offers basic benefits. He said in the March 8th issue, "If universal coverage simply means that everybody has a health insurance card and can get their temperature taken they have coverage, but that does not mean they have access to medical services they need. Primary care coverage is not enough for people with HIV."

Until now, the HIV/AIDS community has relied predominately on individual insurance policies, donations, and Life Insurance buyout programs for their treatment. Now, however, the President and her husband have created an "all inclusive" (5 3/4 pound - 1342 page - 4 inch thick) socialistic health care package that will guarantee coverage for every American (HIV/AIDS carriers included) thus giving the Clintons control over one-seventh of our nation's economy.

To the utter delight of the leftwing social reformers, this plan will also include every other special interest program under the sun; mental disorders (which covers just about everything these days - just ask Lorena Bobbitt and the Menendez brothers), substance abuse, abortion on demand, and condom clinics in our nations schools.

Oops, I almost forgot, there are two problems the female homosexuals have found with the Clinton's plan. According to Paula Ettelbrick, the public policy director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights: 1) "Lesbians have not been identified as a target group deserving of specialized care". 2) "The proposal's lip service only extends five years, after which it seems that all community-sensitive health services could be folded into the generalized plans for HMOs. Thus, we could lose the specialized services so essential to good health care for our community. Even if lesbian health clinics were included, the few that provide donor-insemination service; lesbian-sensitive drug, alcohol, and mental health services; and gynecological care that does not have birth-control methods as a central focus, would be abandoned."

I thought there was no "special" treatment in the homosexual agenda......

Buckle your seat belts folks, we're in for a long, rough ride!

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