Our Vacation To

Dawn & Her Boys

We arrived at the Buffalo Airport (12-26-96)
First time we'd seen snow
and Dawn took us to Niagara Falls
(Canadian Side of Course)
Here is Dawn with her two boys Derek & Elijah

Skylon Tower

Soaked and freezing
we headed up the SKYLON Space Needle
@ $7.50 a Pop - YIKES !

From the Skylon Tower we got a full shot of the falls.
American Falls on the left, and Horseshoe Falls on the right.

Dawn's Apartment

This is Dawn's Apartment
She and her boys live on the top floor
Of course Dawn has transformed it into an adorable apartment
(THOSE Photos were too dark)

Brian & Julie's House

Across the street from Dawn (caddycorner),
lives her best friend Julie Mader
This is her house

Mader Family

Meet the Mader Family
Brian & Julie and their 4 children
Larry, Lucas, Lacie & Lindsay

Kissing Bridge Ski Resort

The next day we were off to
Never skied before
and only had 2 hours to learn

Level One

Should I try this slope first?
Nah, I'll tackle the Bunny Slope in NO TIME !
THEN I'll be back to master this puppy
Famous last words. . . .

Bunny Slope

OK, the Bunny Slope looks easy
Piece of cake
AGAIN, Famous last words. . . .

Me falling

But I DIDN'T sit on it!
It clipped me behind the knees!
Aw quit chur whinin,
I'm movin, I'm movin !

Dawn falling

OK Dawn, you saw what I did
don't make the same. . . .
Aw quit chur belly achin,
she's movin, she's movin !

Help! I've fallen

HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up
Dawn, you shoulda been named "Grace"

Me Skiing

OK Sheldon, take my picture
QUICK before I fall again
Let em' all THINK I was skiing!
Next time I'm gittin lessons, farump, farump!
And NEXT time I'm staying longer than

Dawn grew up here

Then we took off sightseeing
This is where Dawn grew up with her family

House she bought

When she married Rick
(jerk left her for another woman)
they bought this house
that she dearly loved
The divorce forced her to sell

Dad & Mom's House

Ed & Elaine (and their daughter Dawn)
lived for a few years in Florida
We were all very active in the
Pro-Life movement in our town
Ed HATED the heat,
so he and Elaine moved back to Buffalo
(what're you NUTS?)
into this house

Ed & Elaine

Meet Ed & Elaine Suleski . . . .

Martin & Anne

. . . . And Dawn's brother Martin
(spittin image of Martin Sheen)
and her sister Anne

Buffalo Airport

I spent the last two days of my vacation
in bed with the flu
Then it was off to the Buffalo Airport for my long, sneezy, sniffly, achy, grumpy
flight back home
The other passengers were THRILLED to be sharing the air with me!

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