Media Bias Evident @ 1996

It’s August 1992 and the Republican Convention is over. The Republicans experienced their highest ratings since the race began. The Big 3 (&cnn) are mortified at the prospect of a Republican in the White House for another 4 years, so they kick into high gear and begin to convince Joe six-pack out in TV land that what he thought he saw, wasn’t at all what he saw. No, what he really saw was a divisive group that had bad people saying bad things, which would ultimately be bad for America. So America went to the polls and elected a dishonest, draft evading, (non-inhaling) pot smoking, adulterer to the White House.

Ethically challenged himself, he promised to appoint the most “ethical White House Staff in history”. 4 years and many, many “mistakes” later (Nussbaum, Hale, Hubbell, Brown, Cisneros, Lindsey, Thomasson, Livingstone, Whitewatergate, filegate, travelgate, just to name a few) he’s running again for the Presidency.

It’s now August 1996, and yet another Republican Convention. This year the Republicans (why, I don’t know) advance copies of the speeches to the press. So the Big 3 (&cnn) decide to provide America with interviews, during key speeches that confidently presented the Republican agenda of smaller government, less taxes, hope, growth and unlimited opportunity FOR ALL (not to mention a moral, pro-family White House - wow, what a concept!).

The talking heads are forever complaining that no one knows what Republicans stand for. But just when we get the chance, THEY (89% of the press corp voted for Clinton in ‘92) preempted the speeches, with interviews. That’s like tuning into a Cubs game, only to find Harry Kary telling us ABOUT the game! Thank heaven for C-SPAN, The Family Channel and PBS (yes PBS), who brought us gavel to gavel, UNinterrupted Convention coverage.

The others said they wouldn’t be back in 4 years because it was too “boring & predictable”. Just who do they think they’re kidding? The reason for backing out of future coverage is abundantly clear..... they would rather forego the “opportunity” to help get the Democrats get their message out during their convention, than to (horror of horrors) possibly be a party to helping the Republicans convey theirs.

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