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As I come out of department or grocery stores, inevitably EVERY time, there are people milling around the car. Of course they do. It’s something they’ve never seen before. I give them plenty of time to walk around the car and view every picture, and read all of the information about the development of the "baby" (funny how the only ones that call it a "Fetus" - Latin for young one - are those that favor killing it), then I approach the car. I always comment on how gross it is, and how much antagonism and violence (and you thought the Pro-"Choice" side wasn’t violent - no only when someone is exposing the truth about their dirty little secret) I get from doing this. Then I let them talk. They are always appalled that they’ve been lied to for so long. WOW, imagine that, it’s not just a blob of tissue after all. Even at 10 weeks the baby is fully formed, she just needs to grow.

Of course I always give them a packet of information containing the same pictures, the same statistics, the same information, along with my phone number to call if they ever have a friend or loved one in a crisis situation. And they do. Praise God there are little children alive today, that wouldn’t have been, had they listened to the pro-abortion "rhetoric" and taken the easy way out. Adoptive parents have little children now, they wouldn’t have had before.

There are 3 toddlers that I KNOW of that are alive today, as a direct result of those pictures (and 1 from an editorial I wrote in the Bradenton Herald). One in a Walmart and the other in an Albertsons parking lot (the Albertsons one was during a LIFE CHAIN event, while standing on the side of the road, holding my ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN sign, and people pointed out to me that a woman was reading my car, so I went over and talked to her). Both moms had canceled scheduled abortions after seeing the "babies". Their consciences wouldn’t allow them to go through with it. All three kept their babies, and are elated now and cringe at the thought that they almost destroyed their baby’s lives. Pro-aborts continuously fight "WOMEN'S RIGHT TO KNOW" legislation because they know that a fully informed woman will choose NOT to butcher her baby. Do you think the borts would mind if we sent these little survivors to their doors, when the children are old enough to understand, so the borts can explain to them, how they felt they should have been aborted because their moms DIDN'T NEED that kind of counseling?

7 Years and 2 cars later, only GOD knows how many other babies (besides those whose mothers called as a result of the car & editorial) are alive today because of us taking the risk of ridicule and danger to proclaim the truth to the deceived masses.

Click " Here " if you'd like to see close-ups of these pictures, know more about, or order the postcards of, the different abortion procedures.

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