Planned Parenthood's


by John Lightner


Whose organization called for the elimination of "human weeds", the Segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted", and the Coercive Sterilization of "genetically inferior races" ???

Who, in March of '96, was accused of having "plans" to begin doing Surgical Abortions and then denied any plans to open an abortion clinic??? (Bradenton Herald, March 21st, 1996)

Who, on September 27th '96, claimed the first abortion was done at Her Sarasota clinic??? (Bradenton Herald, Sept. 28th, '96)

Who stated the reason for beginning abortion services was "in light of Scarcity of services in certain areas" (Tampa Tribune, Oct. 12th, '96) And Yet opened the third abortion clinic in a six mile stretch of Tamiami Trail???

Who was the CEO of Planned Parenthood when the Sarasota County Commissioners rescinded a grant and stated they felt they had been "deceived" by Planned Parenthood??? (Sarasota Herald Tribune, Oct. 2nd, '96)

Who was denied funding again in 1997 by the Sarasota County Commission After admitting the monies were a very small part of her Organization's Budget and that it wasn't the need of money but, rather, a "philosophical" Issue??

Who is the CEO of an abortion clinic facility ????

Who continues to issue "legislative alerts" encouraging support of the Heinous partial birth abortion (infanticide) ???

Whose organization refers to an unborn baby as a "unit" and the actual Abortion as a "sale" ???

Who is the local CEO of the largest abortion provider and abortion Referral Agency in our nation ?? (it is estimated that Planned Parenthood has Made 645 million dollars on the killing of unborn children.)

The answer is none other than Barbara A. Zdravecky, a director for the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce!!

Who will call for the resignation of Ms. Zdravecky...whose "business" Includes The killing of unborn children ???????

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