Doughboy was rescued from the pound. He had been found abandoned with his female littermate. He was very protective of her and tried to prevent us from rescuing her. We admired his spirit and loyalty. He is an outdoor pig, and is very gentle and shy. Doughboy is a beautiful silver/white neutered male, approx 90 pounds, about 2 1/2 yrs old. His shots are up to date, and his tusks are trimmed.
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Abandoned. Owners moved and left her out in back with the rotten garbage. She survived on rain water for a week before she was discovered. She will return your love 10 fold if you will give her a home.
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This is NANCY

Kept busy having babies by a breeder, this mommy needs a "time out". She could use a shady yard and lots of rest time.
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This is RAMBO

A "throwaway pig" from Kissimmee, FL., this 75# male stares out the fence all day waiting for someone to take him home. His family threw him out, he must feel that no one loves him. Have you room in your heart and home for him?
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Rescued from animal control at the "final hour", pretty 1 yr old Samantha waits out the lonely days waiting to be adopted.
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