About Planned Parenthood

by John Lightner


September 21, 1997

Planned Parenthood deserves no support from the County. Particularly where our tax dollars are concerned.

Planned Parenthood demonstrates a strong spirit of intolerance regarding those who do not agree with their philosophies. As an example, no less than one hundred local clergy and numerous other highly respected public and private individuals around the world have condemned the barbaric abortion procedure known as the partial birth abortion.

More than a year after he hit the airwaves claiming that the procedure was used rarely and only on women whose lives were in danger or whose fetuses were damaged, Ron Fitzsimmons, executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, admitted that he "lied through my teeth" about the frequency of the procedure. Fitzsimmons said "It made me physically ill" to maintain the lie. He said "Untold thousands of the gruesome late-term abortions are performed yearly. A majority are done on healthy mothers and healthy fetuses-mostly teens". (Bradenton Herald March 14, 1997)

On April 23rd, 1997 Planned Parenthood, in spite of overwhelming evidence that their position on the partial birth was despicably incorrect, sent out an "Emergency" fax. It stated "everyone should call their state representative in Tallahassee now to oppose these bills. The bills were HB 1205-the woman's right to know bill (informed consent) and HB1227-the ban on late term abortions. The informed consent bill meant that the women, more often teens, needed to be counseled on the effects of abortion on the unborn child as well as the mother.

Planned Parenthood is obviously against informed consent because of the chilling affect it would have on their "business".

An organization with such extreme views and radical positions should not be trusted in any facet of their business-especially when it concerns our children. Planned Parenthood's position in favor of the partial birth abortion and against informed consent should erase any illusion of credibility presented by Planned Parenthood.

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