30 Week Abortion

This little boy was one of several third trimester BABIES found in medical waste bags outside a legal abortion center in Houston, Texas, in late 1986. He was 14 inches long, weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces, and was 30 weeks gestation....... 7 MONTHS OLD......when he was killed.

His umbilical cord was ripped from his body, which also detached his penis. His face, feet and hands were found white and bloodless, while the abdomen was severely bruised and bloodied.

Both of the BABY's buttocks were carved off to ensure death by bleeding, and also suggests that he was born still alive.

Twelve seaweed type laminaria, used to open the mother's cervix, were found in the bag with this BABY. Discussion with OB-GYNs indicate that 3 to 6 laminaria would be the maximum safe limit for a woman's cervix to endure without damage.

Other severely decomposed babies were found outside the center, having apparently been kept inside for several weeks before disposal.

How many more victims.....HOW MANY MORE ????

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